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Dreja case studies


To establish user-friendly and visually appealing e-shop tailored for the needs of Russian market. To effectively promote developed e-shop within both major Russian search engines Yandex and Google with focus on highly frequented search queries. To set up and administrate company profile in No. 1 social network in Russia VKontakte.


To maximize a conversion rate. To increase relevant website traffic from Russian Federation. To raise the brand awareness.


Previously used old-fashioned e-shop with unattractive look which was quite difficult to use was replaced with a new one with modern design and optimal practicability being implemented ( In the past client cooperated with Russian SEO agency which did not bring desired results and proved to be unfortunate decision. New list of keywords was developed and completely new strategy, including both on-page and off-page SEO processes, has been adopted while cooperating with us. Website content and HTML code were adjusted and linkbuilding strategy has been implemented. Linkbuilding strategy has been quite progressive in terms of both quantity and quality due to high frequency of search queries and high competition level. Within the off-page optimization the network of supporting microsites has been developed. Among other things project involves PPC administration in Yandex Direct. The whole period of strategy implementation is continually monitored and particular website traffic metrics are regularly assessed.


E-shop with brand new design has had significant impact on average visit duration and on amount of pages viewed per visit (see picture below). We managed to increase year on year website traffic by 150% via SEO and PPC activities. Visitors coming from PPC (Yandex Direct) made up 17% of all visits. Dreja recorded a tenfold increase in sales through e-shop. Our activities have had the impact on showroom sales as well as on partners´ stores sales in Russian Federation. Our cooperation with the client is currently extending into Kazakhstan and Germany.

Clients' testimonials

“We have been cooperating with Partnercis for more than a year and main positives we see in personal, professional and pro-active approach. When it comes to performance indicators we are experiencing continual increase in conversion rate or average session duration. Besides that our rankings for selected keywords in terms of SEO are continually being strengthened on German and Russian market.”

Marketing Manager

„I would like to truly recommend agency Partnercis, mainly for their professional and intuitive support involving visibility strengthening of our company on Russian and German market.

I, being a perfectionist, am totally satisfied with the work of this agency. I´m glad I can always rely on a team of experienced experts who clearly understand what they day and who are always able to respond to any impulses from the market in a beneficial way for our company. Mutual discussion is very important as well.
I appreciate personal interest of the agency owner on smooth management of all projects and particular campaigns.

I can honestly recommend Partnercis to all who can´t help themselves and who tried plenty of possible alternatives. Partnercis always have an ace up their sleeve : ).“

Ing. Zdeněk Blažek, jr.
marketing manager
Dřevojas, cooperative
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