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Isotra case studies


To improve search engines positions within organic results in Germany. To put emphasis on relevant keywords that are related to business field of the company. Search engine:


To get TOP 10 positions within search engine organic results relating to particular keywords. To increase website traffic coming from organic searches in Germany.


Based on a comprehensive keywords analysis the review of technical and content state of the website was conducted. By the transfer from .cz domain to .de domain (domain name with combination of keyword and brand name) we ensured proper geographical classification through regional domain. Next step included on-page SEO factors adjustments with the website content being extended and new landing pages being created. This was followed by relevant backlinks acquisition to increase website visibility. In order to ensure smooth running of linkbuilding strategy the supplier network of topic-related websites was established. Project is continually monitored throughout the period of strategy implementation with website traffic indicators and search engines positions being constantly analysed.


Complex support in search engines led to a significant shift in positions within SERP (search engine results page). Website traffic coming from organic search was increased by 325% (during 4 months). Project is continually extending into new regions – Russia…