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Skype case studies


To develop PR campaign that would present SKYPE and its services as an effective platform for communication and entertainment in various situations and during various activities of its potential or current users in Russian-speaking online environment.


The aim was to introduce SKYPE tools as online communication platform offering standard services such as online calls (skype to skype), video calls, chatting or conferences, and to inspire current clients to use additional SKYPE services such as paid calls to various telephone devices or cheap international calls, with the campaign being targeted to Russian-speaking market.


5 PR articles supported by infographics and photos were created. PR articles were distributed among specialized news coverage portals afterwards. Some of the highly innovative topics of PR articles appeared in the real world of SKYPE services using for the first time including: on-line foreign language lessons, household security via Skype videocalls, use of videocalls and chatting in case of online gamers, use of Skype blog as a social media service etc.


PR campaign brought the client significant increase in blog creations and number of reviews. Additionally it meant quadruple increase in Skype blogs visits. Linkbuilding ensured positions strengthening within search engines and in association with keywords such as online calling or videocalls. Cooperation was additionally deepened with plenty of other smaller projects due to the great satisfaction of the client.