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Strojimport case studies


To create functional web presentation available in several language versions (operating on regional domains). To effectively support website language versions in search engines – SEO. Regions: Poland, Russia, Germany, Anglophone world, Czech Republic.


To put emphasis on the website user-friendliness with the aim to maximize conversion rate. To increase foreign relevant keywords-related traffic.


Web presentation is run on the WordPress content management system. Among the main adjustments, from the usability point of view, belonged the product directory creation and the “inquiry” button inclusion for each type of machine. Comprehensive keywords analysis took place followed by technical and content adjustments. Effective linkbuilding strategy was adopted. Ongoing evaluation of SEO parameters is being applied and particular measures are taken when needed.


New web creation itself had the positive influence on time spent on the site and on the number of pageviews per visit, both increased. Secondary effect was the conversion rate increase.
Overall SEO support meant improved positions within foreign search engines. Monthly traffic increased year on year by 50%. Web is regularly visited by users from more than 100 countries from around the world. The amount of incoming inquiries increased considerably. This project is continually extending – currently there are negotiations about the online promotion in Austria.