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Cross-device conversions to be introduced by Google within GDN

Google Display Network product manager, Levent Besik, stated lately through Google´s official blog that worldwide No.1 search engine will be providing data on cross-device conversions involving display advertising.

Multiple-device using has become a phenomenon which, however, is making it difficult for marketers to track conversion rates of particular online marketing tools. This issue has been already addressed a year ago by Google when cross-device conversions for search ads were presented. In a similar sense, these estimates should be incorporated with Google Display Network as well.


Cross-device conversion appears for instance if someone is browsing online via his mobile-phone, clicks to a particular display ad through which is transferred to a target website (e-shop), gains the initial awareness about the seller and decide to make a purchase afterwards via personal computer by directly visiting the website. The consequence of this scenario is a little biased conversion evaluation then. And this is where newly introduced estimates should help.

Customers´ path to purchase is getting more complex than ever, with various portable devices playing a crucial role within initial research process, the purchase itself then often being conducted conveniently through PC, thus not reflecting real online marketing tools efficiency properly.

However, it is important to bear in mind that these newly revealed figures in Google Adwords are rather estimates and it takes a considerable amount of input data to make it relevant. Among other things the system is able to measure only users who were signed with Google at the time of making initial research involving Google Display Network.

In any case, this little innovation can provide advertisers with useful insights helping them to improve their decision-making and evaluation processes.