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Marketing Indispensability

Surprisingly enough, there are still loads of people out there in business world who believe there is no need to invest in marketing. Managers are reluctant to incorporate marketing function into their strategic plans due to several reasons. When asked why not to include marketing into their considerations, plenty of similar arguments usually come up. Joshua Conran, Smart Insights expert commentator, summarised those most frequented ones in 5 points and hereby we provide our comments to his selection.

  1. We don´t have a marketing budget.” – You definitely should have one. It is not a deadly sin, in fact, not to allocate huge sums to that particular function, however, by not even considering marketing options company is for sure missing out on opportunities which particular market may offer. Having at least general marketing plan is a must nowadays we believe.
  2. We are B2B; we don´t need marketing.” – That is no excuse at all. It´s just the opposite. Business clients are human beings as well as end customers and the aim to influence their decision-making by coherent actions remains the same. In the end, marketing is all about satisfying needs regardless of whether it is a personal or business need.
  3. We have never spent money on marketing before.” – Although company might be doing well without previous marketing spending, it doesn´t mean it is fully realizing its potential. It´s never too late to invest. There might not be an instant effect of the investment but if invested carefully and wisely the positive impact in the long run should be there. Besides that it may prove to be mindset changing decision.
  4. Our competitors aren´t spending any money on marketing.” – Then why not to use it as a competitive advantage? Competitors not having marketing function definitely should not be considered a benchmark whatsoever.
  5. Our business is unique, marketing doesn´t apply to us.” – As long as your business involve interactions with people, marketing does apply to you. Amount of competitors within the market is not the argument for lacking marketing either.

These 5 classic excuses are pretty much applicable to our field, which is Internet marketing, as well. We do encounter such comments quite often in relation to Internet marketing and repeatedly our task is to convince. The best way to do it proved to be showing real examples of companies who have been doing it right. If you still stick with above mentioned arguments against (Internet) marketing please go and see our case studies and think again!