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Mindshare with Google to provide search trends based on device and country

Mindshare in cooperation with Google followed through on the tool which was presented some 2 years ago by the former and now they jointly developed “Search As Signal”, tool that is tracking search queries on Google, providing the user with data on location and device of particular searches.

This search trend-analyser tells the user what people search on Google, where they search and on what device. This might be very helpful especially when assessing ad targeting for particular locations, with tool being able to detect country, region and city. Knowing that users in specific area are constantly looking for exact product can prove very useful.


Groups of keywords are classified into categories so that we are able to see general trends as well, e.g. residents of XY area heavily looking for luxury fashion brands. Yearly or monthly comparisons in time can then serve marketers for clever budget allocations. Similar applies for device based decisions.