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Real-time tweets in Google SERP to be shown once again

Google and Twitter recently renewed mutual agreement concerning inclusion of real-time tweets in Google´s SERP. Similar deal was in place back in 2009 and it lasted until 2011 when Twitter representatives decided to have complete control over Twitter´s content and terminated the agreement.

It appears that tweets will re-emerge in Google later this year during summer. Twitter content won´t be subject of crawling as Google will rather have instant access to real-time data enabling it to be immediately present in SERP.


It seems that Twitter sees this as a step towards growing number of its users. Though the deal will be beneficial for both parties and represents win-win situation. This change will have a significant impact on advertisers as well. All in all the agreement is perceived as a positive step towards better connection between search and social media. Though further comments on the issue are yet to be released by both parties.