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Store visits induced by online ads metrics tested by Google

It has been a subject of interest for years to enable online marketers to prove the impact of online campaigns on off-line sales. Google has recently come up with a solution to this phenomenon, though it can be used only to a limited extent. Main outcome of a new metrics method is the estimate of off-line conversions based on online advertising influence.

These estimated conversions are continually used by Google to provide marketers with more precise information on performance of their advertising activities online. Newly introduced metrics involving store visits is currently tested in US with a sample of leading advertisers.


Off-line conversions estimates are measured via users´ smartphones (Android or Apple). It applies only for users who have activated “Location History” tracking through Google Maps. For these users Google is able to measure store visit based on their approximate distance to a particular store. Such visit should be associated with a specific online ad (search, video, display).

Obviously all data are anonymized.