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PPC in foreign countries

What is PPC?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a method of advertising campaign evaluation, which is implemented in specialized applications in case of the majority of world search engines. It is an effective and flexible way to quickly let people on the Internet know about you and your product.

Launch your product, your brand on top positions in search engines and reach potential customers, your partners in foreign cooperation.

PPC advertising campaigns abroad – the perfect start

PPC advertising campaigns are especially useful in the early days of Internet marketing abroad. Great flexibility with immediate start offers a rapid promotion and efficacy analysis. In the case of foreign markets, in this kind of promotion the following factors are very important: right selection of keywords, continuous creation of effective ads and campaign parameters alignment. The most famous international PPC systems are Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Yahoo Ads, Seznam Sklik, Blogun.

Benefits of PPC advertising

  • fast launching of the ad
  • immediate inquiry effect
  • high efficiency
  • accurate targeting
  • great for market and trends analysis
  • easy and flexible controlling
  • the possibility of fast parameter changes

What we offer:

  1. Preliminary analysis of opportunities and goal setting
  2. Effective campaign creation
  3. Effective campaign management
  4. Ongoing reporting and recommendations
  5. PPC example

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Clients' testimonials

„I would like to truly recommend agency Partnercis, mainly for their professional and intuitive support involving visibility strengthening of our company on Russian and German market.

I, being a perfectionist, am totally satisfied with the work of this agency. I´m glad I can always rely on a team of experienced experts who clearly understand what they day and who are always able to respond to any impulses from the market in a beneficial way for our company. Mutual discussion is very important as well.
I appreciate personal interest of the agency owner on smooth management of all projects and particular campaigns.

I can honestly recommend Partnercis to all who can´t help themselves and who tried plenty of possible alternatives. Partnercis always have an ace up their sleeve : ).“

Ing. Zdeněk Blažek, jr.
marketing manager
Dřevojas, cooperative

„When it comes to pursuing of our marketing strategy we have decided to implement SEO and PPC. Based on positive references we opted for PartnerCIS as a provider of these services. Already within a first month of our cooperation we recorded positive results which are being performed up to these days as well. For these reasons we can highly recommend PartnerCIS to those who are looking for professional, effective and quickly responding specialist in the field of internet marketing support.”

Alexandr Jernek, M.Sc.
Product manager
kešner a.s.
Internet news

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