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Russia and CIS Russia and CISAre you interested in export to Russia?

In the Russian Federation and CIS countries we conduct dozens of marketing projects by  as well as  international companies.

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Germany GermanyDo you want promote business in Germany?

We have achieved significant success  in a very competitive environment of the German internet.

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English world English worldDo you want to advertise in English-speaking countries?

Internet marketing in English gives the potential to reach customers accross the continents.

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Asian markets Asian marketsAre you interested in Asian markets?

Our new focus are Far East markets, within which we have experience with Japanese, Chinese and Korean markets.

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Another countries Another countriesPromotion in Brazil, India, Canada, Turkey or UAR? No problem!

We can help your company build and promote your website in many regions. Your website efficiency will be increased.

Clients' testimonials

„I would like to truly recommend agency Partnercis, mainly for their professional and intuitive support involving visibility strengthening of our company on Russian and German market.

I, being a perfectionist, am totally satisfied with the work of this agency. I´m glad I can always rely on a team of experienced experts who clearly understand what they day and who are always able to respond to any impulses from the market in a beneficial way for our company. Mutual discussion is very important as well.
I appreciate personal interest of the agency owner on smooth management of all projects and particular campaigns.

I can honestly recommend Partnercis to all who can´t help themselves and who tried plenty of possible alternatives. Partnercis always have an ace up their sleeve : ).“

Ing. Zdeněk Blažek, jr.
marketing manager
Dřevojas, cooperative

„Thanks to our cooperation with Partnercis we have a quality partner who is able to strengthen our websites on foreign markets, especially in Russia. Works that have been undertaken so far really correspond with the investments being made.
Don´t believe unproven providers who have no idea what SEO really entails, offering dubious practices on a daily basis. With Partnercis you have the certainty of a quality service and a good value for money.”

Petr Prokeš,
Project manager in BMT Medical Technology s.r.o.

PPC in foreign countriesPPC in foreign countriesForeign PPC services will enable a very fast way of promoting and bring a lot of useful information about the market. We offer our clients comprehensive as well as professional PPC campaigns for various goods and services in many countries all over the world. See more

SEO in foreign countriesSEO in foreign countriesSEO of an internet web site for foreign search engines will be an effective tool in company promotion in a particular region or country. We have been implementing this method of promotion with great success for several years. See more

WebdesignWebdesignEffective website consists primarily of high-quality content management system, adequate web site structure and creative design. We can develop creative corporate presentations, highly effective e-commerce and powerful portals. See more

Social networksSocial networksSocial networking is used more and more by companies, also as a means of promotion abroad. We have great deal of experience in managing company profiles in a foreign language, creating advertising campaigns and posts. We have actually created one social network! See more

Mobile webMobile webMobile web will bring you a big advantage and increase the possibility to reach mobile Internet users, whose number is increasingly growing. We will optimize the website so that it appears correctly on the mobile phone and tablet devices. See more

Market analysisMarket analysisA quality and comprehensive analysis of a foreign market can accurately determine which regions and countries are the most interesting for the export of your product. We have been operating for a very long time in this area and we have helped a number of companies. See more

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